GCS BYOD Unit Proposal #uaemergtech


5 thoughts on “GCS BYOD Unit Proposal #uaemergtech

  1. The $2000 subscription fee is for 200 students. So it would be close… But if it started for the junior high and worked up, it would cover us. Thanks, I’ll enjoy the sun! Today we are laying low so we can get some work done but web still have a few more days!

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  2. I really like how your proposal had them completing the course in order to get the ability to be on the network. I was wondering are the quizzes/tests on the internet safety ones you found online or one that you guys designed? We only have about 24 high school kids this year and every year the discussion of phones is brought up during inservice, I really like the idea of having kids go through a course first in order to get their “certification.” Maybe something that can be done first quarter, giving them access starting second quarter.

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    • I think that would work really well. I’m not sure we will use this – this year but I think a certificate and training helps cover some of the liability. Schools can say “here is our curriculum and information that was presented to your student”. If they violate the terms of the agreement then access may be denied.


  3. This is a great presentation. Once I found out we had Moodle at school, my life changed! There is so much you can do with it. It is so easy to use, and has so many different functions. Good luck using Moodle and getting your funding. Great presentation.


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