Week 5 Reflection

Without a doubt this week’s prompt was the toughest one we have had so far.  The other questions required me to research and explore a topic I have (often) not heard of before.  Not only have I never heard of the Internet of Things before, this week I was asked to design an IoT object to benefit my classroom.   As it turns out I use objects that are a part of the Internet of Things all the time.  Realizing that the key component to the IoT is data collection and data utilization, I began to see some immediate applications to my classroom.  I put considerable time into working through different devices that would help me collect useable data, and I feel fairly sure I have found it in the iStudent Smart Watch.

I’m not going to come right out and say that I am brilliant.  I did go through at least three “sure big hits” like the Smart Desk before realizing that it had already been invented.  But with my iStudent Smart Watch I feel that I am on the cusp of riches.  If I suddenly stop blogging next week, it is likely that I am touring the country in my personal jet.  I’ve read most of the other student’s blogs this week and there are some nice ideas… but none with the game changing capabilities of my invention. 🙂  I have to admit; I was a little disappointed that my blog was not retweeted across the World this week.  Obviously it has not been immediately recognized as a tool all teachers need.  Last weeks blog actually was shared and passed along by several educational organizations and retweeted more than anything I have ever posted.  This one… crickets so far… Even my classmates haven’t had much to say about it.

I did get some good feedback about invasion of privacy issues that my watch would pose.  Especially when it comes to the biofeedback information I desired to collect.  Although I usually can recognize the comatose looks on my student’s faces without a “pulse rate” it might be useful data.  The discussion on the invasion of privacy issues did cause me to question if this feature had crossed the line… I thought that was a valid point.  How much of a student’s personal information should be allowed to be shared with teachers (pulse, etc.).  There was a consensus that having student’s presence logged into a computer by walking through the door would be a really handy invention (and useful for us secondary teachers). I also think that as technology grows more sophisticated students will all be on IEP’s at a workstation (SmartDesk, Tablet…).   The value of that individualized instruction will be great as long as they can still get individual assistance and incorporate group activities with their peers.

I enjoyed reading about Scott’s various inventions and thought his Smart Desk was a good idea… although I think already well under development. Jane’s holographic device also seemed like a very useful tool. It reminded me somewhat of MineCraft and we talked about how some schools were using MineCraft today. John’s card that recorded student progress on every digital device used, also seemed like it has great possibilities. Overall I felt mentally stretched by this week’s topic and am impressed by the creativity of the class.


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