Week 1 Reflection

After listening to Professor Lee Graham’s YouTube video today I do realize I am nearing “cognitive overload”. I have confronted and processed a hefty amount of information this last week. After reading the entire NMC Horizon Report 2014 I learned many new things about Emerging Technologies and feel that processing that information really did stretch me mentally. There are just many concepts that I have not encountered before but there were also plenty of connections I was able to make to real life experiences. One challenge I believe brought up in the report and echoed in my life is the struggle that “brick and mortar” schools encounter as they strive to put their finger on best practices when it comes to technology implementation. I have been around schools that jump on the latest technology fad and feel like they are “doing technology” by throwing some money at it. Passing out iPads to teachers or even putting laptops in every student’s hands doesn’t necessarily mean we are doing what we should be doing. If not implemented properly, Emerging Technologies will quickly come under attack by concerned parents and budget stretched school boards.

On the Schmitt Soundboard Blog we discussed this and I really enjoyed the discussion following on the appropriateness of technology for younger students. At what point does technology get implemented in the classroom and what that looks like are great areas for discussion. When my Technology Director Keith Zamudio said that he wanted to put laptops in the hands of Kindergarteners I thought he was crazy 8 years ago. Today, I see the wisdom in his approach and just how important this is. “Digital Immigrants” like myself don’t always get that students today grow up using technology as “Digital Natives” and it is up to us to embrace this change and safely set the course for its implementation. Focus what excites them into meaningful learning experiences.

After reading many of the blog postings in class this week I am impressed by the quality of many of writing and am excited to be part of this learning community. Right now my head is spinning but I look forward to growing as we move forward.


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